Technologies For Commercial Use

Our expertise in renewable energy technology is drawn from our vast experience & further augmented through ongoing training. Below we have outlined the core technologies we engage with along with their features & benefits.

Commercial Heat Pumps

Commercial Heat Pumps are able to heat thousands of litres of water to a temperature of 60˚C. Using special High-Temperature units can heat water to a temperature of 80˚C. Commercial heat pumps range from 10Kw to 117Kw in size and can be installed as a modular unit with multiple heat pumps per system. This allows flexibility when sizing large hot water systems. Heat pumps are beneficial as they can operate at any time of day in any weather condition to ensure there is always hot water available for the application. Heat pumps reduce water heating costs by two-thirds or more, making them the perfect answer to today’s increasing electricity costs.

Features & Benefits

Save up to two-thirds of your hot water generating costs.
Heat pumps use Eco-friendly R410a gas which does not pollute the atmosphere.
Multiple heat pumps can be connected together to heat any size plant room.
Heat pumps can operate any time of day, in any weather conditions.

Heat Accumulator Tanks

A heat Accumulator is an energy efficient thermal storage tank. It is an indirect water heating system that can be heated using multiple heat sources. The tank stores water at atmospheric pressure, which is then heated. This heated water never leaves the tank, it acts as a battery storing the energy. It is then transferred to potable water which is regulated mains pressure through a stainless-steel heat exchanger. This heat transfer then allows hot potable water to be distributed to the usage points.

Manufactured from Premium GRP (glass reinforced plastic), our heat accumulator tanks deliver unrivalled performance. Storing water up to 90 degrees Celsius thanks to high quality vinyl ester resins. This also creates a highly corrosive resistant surface for long life tanks.


Centralized Hot Water Systems
Domestic Hot Water Storage
Under-Floor Heating
Industrial Processing Plants
Cold Water Storage
Heat Recovery Plants
Multiple Pressure Zone Buildings.


Optimal Heat Stratification: Cold water does not mix in tank due to indirect heating.
Corrosive free tank: GRP does not rust.
Prevents Legionnaires disease, indirect heating prevents bacteria growth in potable hot water.
No Rigging Required: Can be built on site and carried through most standard sized doors.
Heat Exchanger can be sized to meet any flow rate requirement.
Low standing losses: GRP has a low thermal conductivity.
Fully customizable, can be built in a number of volumes. Also comes in round and square tanks.

Commercial Steel Tanks

Manufactured generally in accordance with ASME VIII or PD5500 Code of Practice. With WQC / WPS / PQR to ASME 1X & PD5500, manufactured with certified material, mild steel, or stainless steel on request. Certification of vessels by an Independent Test Authority is also available on request.

All mild steel vessels are offered standard with a Hotline 75Hotline75, Phenoline 1205 or Polyglass internal protective lining as a protective lining, all with 5-year warranties available, for aggressive water areas. Galvanised vessels are also manufactured on request.

The bulk hot water vessels or industrial geysers, are heated using Incolloy immersion elements or copper finned internal heat exchangers. They can also be connected to

External Heat Exchangers
External Heat Pumps
Solar panels
External In-Line Heaters

Water heaters are insulated with 50mm thick IW24 fibre wool, and are clad with 0.6mm galvanised sheet metal. Both Stainless steel and Aluminium cladding are also available on request.

The water heaters are supplied standard with Incolloy immersion elements.
Dual thermostats with Control and Over temperature features are fitted where required.
Control Panels with IP54 protection enclosures as standard or to SANS 1042, are fitted and wired to the elements, or are available as a wall mounted option.
All units fitted with an over temperature/over pressure (TP) valve.

All vessels are manufactured as standard for 400kPa pressure, with higher or lower pressures available on request.

Iw24 x 50mm Glass wool, with a thermal conductivity of 0.039 & R value of 1.39 and Z275

Technology Brochures

Commercial Heat Pumps - High Temp


Commercial Heat Pumps - Constant Temp


Commercial Cycle Heat Pumps


Heat Accumulator


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